The list of top skills of a good pharmacist

The peculiarity of working as a pharmacist in the trading room is that such employees have to constantly communicate with a large number of different people. Therefore, only professionals with a communication gift should work there.

Looking for a decent, conscientious and professional pharmacist?

Important skills of a pharmacist:

  1. Sensitivity to the difference in shape, color and size of the goods in the pharmacy assortment.
  2. Sensitivity to human speech (to establish the contact with the patient).
  3. Good visual memory (for information about medicines and being able to quickly find the required medication).
  4. Focused attention (when listening to a particular patient).
  5. Stability of attention (preservation of working capacity during the day).
  6. Being calm and reserved (for conflict resolution).
  7. Emotional stability and steadiness.
  8. Diligence and conscientiousness.
  9. Eloquence.

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What else should a good pharmacist be able to do?

  • The pharmacist must be able to differentiate the pharmacy visitors, so as to accurately choose the tone and direction in the conversation with the patient.
  • First of all – according to sex and age. Women know more about drugs and their effects. Men try to leave the pharmacy sooner, so the pharmacist should try to keep them a little longer in order to explain how to take and store the medicine. Older people often want to talk and consult much longer than others.
  • Patients should also be divided according to the type of their nervous system: if the client is shy, the pharmacist should show care and attention, if the client is irritable – be calm and considerate, if the client is touchy – the pharmacist should be tactful, if they are rude – the pharmacist should act in a restrained way.
  • The effectiveness of treatment largely depends on compliance with the rules of taking and storing the medication. People normally remember only one-fifth of what they hear, so the pharmacist must clearly and perhaps twice explain the method and time of taking the medicine.
  • In conversation with the patient, it is necessary to avoid common phrases, scientific terms, long sentences, the pharmacist must be able to clearly and simply express his or her mind.
  • The patients are generally quite depressed, the illness and the associated risks make them nervous, causing increased vulnerability. In such situations, the pharmacist must be able to dispel thoughts that oppress the patients while gaining their confidence.

The work of a pharmacist is of the most crucial importance. Always look up to the ideal, be always aware of the importance of your work – and you will be rewarded with a sincere human gratitude!

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