Interior design trends to watch for in 2018

The first thing we can notice when we are talking about the trends for 2018, is that there is a great commitment to all natural, it concerns everything: materials for construction of private houses, furniture forms or patterns of fabrics. With new inspiration and the desire to share with you only the most significant trends in the world of design, we want to provide you a list of today’s hottest trends in interior design.

Knowing newest trends in interior is great in both cases: when you are going to make a repair in your old apartment or in new one.

Precious green

Deep shades of green, namely malachite and emerald are so astonishing and gorgeous that their presence in the interior leaves no doubt about the relevance of design. By the way, these tones work perfectly in combination with dark wood that is also in trend this year.

It doesn’t matter where exactly you’ll use dark green shades, it is only important to keep balance, selecting them either for the background, or for an accent.

Note that intense green hue in the interior looks especially beautiful when it is complemented by sparkling metallic elements and dark wood furnishings. You can immediately feel a special vintage decadent spirit throughout the space.


Surprisingly the freshest trends fit together thanks to the colors. For example, terracotta shade is back in trend, and complemented by beautiful natural greenery, it becomes fresh and natural solution for kitchen interior decoration, bathroom or living room.

The main feature of terracotta color is that it can create a cozy and warm atmosphere even in the conditions of modern minimalist housing in a big city.

Dark wood

Light shades of wood, undoubtedly, remain popular for decorating the interiors, because they retain a visual volume in small spaces and make spaces light, eco-friendly and warm at the same time.

However, this year dark wood gains popularity by introducing consistency, quality and beauty of natural brown, black and chocolate hues of this valuable material. In 2018, dark wood will bring new aesthetics into the decoration of houses and apartments.


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