Everything you wanted to know about mint

Mint is known as an old remedy, used initially in the form of infusions and tinctures. It is included in many herbal remedies because it has a wide range of therapeutic properties.

Main properties of mint

Thanks to its taste and smell, mint is a great refreshing remedy for oral cavity, which kills harmful bacteria. As a soothing remedy mint has been used for a long time, no wonder the fragrant herbal teas are very popular and are recommended for use at night. Depending on its use, mint can simultaneously cool and warm the body.

Useful properties

A list of useful properties of peppermint is rather extensive:

  •                used in traditional medicine;
  •                is a part of many medicines;
  •                is a remedy for reducing the pain and cramps;
  •                known for its choleretic effect;
  •                its scent reduces nausea;
  •                calms the nervous system;
  •                provides anti-inflammatory effect;
  •                helps hair growth;
  •                neutralizes bad breath;
  •                reduces appetite thanks to menthol contained;
  •                improves work of a brain;
  •                has a sobering effect;
  •                tones and strengthens body;
  •                used to cleanse the skin.

Harmful effect

Applying mint can also have some negative consequences:

  •                heartburn;
  •                loss of sensitivity to components of the plant.

If you overdose mint, you can easily lose sensitivity to menthol and other useful components of plant. For example, if you constantly drink mint tea in large quantities against insomnia, eventually it will cease to provide such an effect.

People with low pressure shouldn`t take mint in large quantities. And most importantly, men shouldn`t take mint in large quantities as well, because it reduces the male libido.

And women who have problems with conceiving, shouldn`t take mint as well, because mint can aggravate these problems.


Mint cannot be used in the following cases:

  •                allergic reactions;
  •                if you have varicose veins;
  •                if you have infertility or problems with conceiving a child;
  •                if you have increased sleepiness;
  •                heartburn;
  •                low pressure (mint will lower it even more).


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