11 ways to spot a good wine

Even in a good store you can face a problem of buying a bad wine. But the good news is that when you know some tricks, you can easily spot a good wine. In this post we will share with you 11 little tips that can help you with that. Also, our tip is to buy high-quality alcohol drinks.

The bottle

  1. The label must contain information about the country – manufacturer, factory, composition, date of manufacture, and whether it contains alcohol, sugar and other ingredients.
  2. The date of manufacture is stamped separately, rather than together with other information.
  3. The quality of print should be high. There shouldn’t be any kind of blurred letters, and other polygraph mistakes.
  4. You will easily spot fake label. All you have to do is to look at the bottle at light. If it is fake, you will see glue residues.
  5. Not all bottles of wine have similar glass. Many manufacturers choose an additional protection, and use asymmetrical bottles, or mark the glass with special signs. If you always buy the same wine, you can read about all of its branded signs on the manufacturer’s website. It is usually not a profitable deal to fake them. Especially when it comes to inexpensive wine.

By the way don’t buy inexpensive wine in an expensive bottle. The more complicated the bottle is, the more expensive it is. This means that the wine in this bottle is not quality at all.

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Inside the bottle

  1. Before you buy the bottle of wine, turn it upside down. If there is a lot of sludge, it should raise a suspicion. There is a bit of sediment in an expensive aged wine, but it should not completely cover the bottom. And even if there is some, after shaking up, it quickly sinks to the bottom.
  2. Pay attention to the plug.  It should not crumble and smell bad. These are the signs of improper storage and a tainted drink.
  3.  If the bubbles had gathered in the center of the glass and then quickly disappeared — than the wine is good. If the bubbles gathered at the edges and fall slowly — the wine is not good enough.
  4.  Make a “glycerin test”. Pour wine into the glass and add some glycerin (in proportion 5 to 1). If the wine is fake, glycerin will change the color.
  5.  Also, you can add some baking soda into your wine. Natural wine won`t have any reaction to soda.
  6. And the last, but not the least. If you try wine and feel the taste of alcohol, this is a wine of a very poor quality or a fake.


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